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Hello. My name is Angela Pritchard. I was born in Channelview, Texas in July of 1973. Growing up, I was always interested in art and drawing. After transplanting myself to Arizona in the Summer of 2000, my interest changed from art created by strokes of a pencil or pen to art created by nature and natural occurrences.

I met my husband, Chris, to whom I have been married for over 10 years in Arizona. We currently reside in Marana, Arizona. I enjoy lots of outdoor activities like camping, riding 4-wheelers and spending time with friends, but my most loved activity is photography.

I started out with an old 35mm Ricoh that my husband had when we met, then moved on to an HP digital point and shoot camera. In September 2008, I upgraded to a Nikon D60 and I absolutely fell in love with it. I am now shooting with a Canon EOS 60D. I learn from each photo I take, which in turn helps to make my next shot even better. I am always looking to improve my skills and my eye for excellence.

My passion for photography knows no boundaries. I have an insatiable appetite for the incredible scenes and images that I see through my camera lens. I am always wondering what is over the next hill or hiding in the branches of the tallest trees. My ability to capture the essence of a desert sunset or the beauty and grace of the many wildlife creatures I have encountered never ceases to amaze me. The mysterious majesty of the subjects I photograph reflects my deep reverence for the beauty and sereneness of nature.

I do not think of myself as a mere “Avid photographer”, I am a storyteller who tells tales with photos. They say more than words ever could. Photographs capture a moment in time and tell the story over and over again, and the story changes with every person who sees the photo.

I have never met a subject or scene that has failed to excite or inspire me. As technology changes and evolves, I find myself falling deeper in love with photography. My only hope with every picture that I make is that someone else out there will derive the same amount of pleasure by viewing the photograph as I did by making it.

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